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LAUNTOP ZIMBABWE guarantees the product purchased for the warranty period stated below from the date of purchase and according to the warranty terms.


We will be responsible for repairing or replacing, at our option, without charge for the parts and/or the labour at a place appointed by LAUNTOP ZIMBABWE, any part of a product supplied by LAUNTOP ZIMBABWE and covered by this warranty found to be defective in material or workmanship, but exclude the following situations:




a. Products that have NOT been operated strictly in accordance to its operational manual.

b. Parts that have been affected, damaged or depreciated by misuse and abuse, improper maintenance, negligence, use of unsuitable attachments or non genuine parts, ordinary wear and tear, rust or corrosion, inadequate packaging for transportation, accident, or serviced by an unauthorized service dealer.

c. Consumable parts such as filters, belts, gaskets, packing, fuses, brushes, lubricants, protective zinc coat, thermostat,  starter motors, batteries, carburettors, injectors, injector nozzle valves, injector pumps, automatic voltage regulators (AVRs), alternator assemblies (stators & rotors), ignition systems, capacitors, magneto coils, charging adjustors and coils, ignition/spark plugs, or any other electrics are NOT covered under this warranty.

d. The defect is caused by any modification done.



This Warranty does not oblige LAUNTOP ZIMBABWE to bear transportation fees (including to and from the service place designated by LAUNTOP ZIMBABWE) and labouring fees during the Warranty process. For the full warranty terms of purchase, please

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